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Ep 8: Liz Parrish, Life Extension & Reversing the Aging Process


In this episode, Micah Redding talks to Liz Parrish, the first human to be given gene therapy to reverse aging. Micah & Liz discuss risk-taking, the potential issues with life extension, and what happens if this treatment becomes available to the world.

  • The Transhuman Visions conference where Micah and Liz met
  • Childhood illnesses and how Liz got into this pursuit
  • How genetic therapy works, how they deliver the treatment (AAV), and her specific treatments for Myostatins and Telomeres
  • How a lot of specific diseases may simply be symptoms of aging
  • What happens if something goes horribly, horribly wrong
  • Risk-taking, and why it's better not knowing how you're going to die
  • The normal way to die is before the age of 35, with an infectious disease. But we no longer die normally.
  • 85% of individual's lifetime healthcare is now spent on their final diagnosis
  • Will this be available only for the ultra-wealthy?
  • Elysium, vampires, and Isaiah 65
  • What 1960s supercomputers and iPhones tell us about gene therapy
  • Economies are built on lifespan
  • Religious people are the original immortalists
  • How the pursuit of science is similar to a religious drive
  • Other things BioViva is working on
  • Liz Parrish's AMA
  • Other articles 1 2 about Liz Parrish
  • (Read more detailed notes in your browser)

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Ep 8: Liz Parrish, Life Extension & Reversing the Aging Process
Micah Redding
2015-11-07 15:05:00