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Micah, Ryan, John Yates, and friends discuss wild-eyed ideas about the future. With unique guests, they delve into life in the age of constantly accelerating change, and what that means for technology, culture, and the future of the world.

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Ep 3: Spirituality & The Singularity with Mike Morrell


How does the Singularity impact Spirituality? This series kicks off with Mike Morrell and Micah Redding talking about the intersection of Christianity and accelerating change. Mike gives us an expansive look at the history of humanity from the dawn of time to the far future, and introduces some of the dilemmas and hopes that spiritual people can bring to the discussion. Get the shownotes here.

Find out more about Mike Morrell here:

Stay tuned for other perspectives - next up, Mormon Transhumanists!

Ep 3: Spirituality & The Singularity with Mike Morrell
Micah Redding