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Ep 45: The Realities of Social Construction, with Sam from the Broken Book Bible Podcast


How can we love religion when so many are hurt?
How do we describe the reality of social constructs?
Does Jesus have a personality?
What's St. Paul's social media presence?
Is God an AI?

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  • Deconstruction
  • John Calvin
  • Calvin College
  • How to be human.
  • Different messages from the minor prophets.
  • Scripture trains you for the ambiguity of life.
  • Sharing religion to expand the universe.
  • Religious thought separates us from other animals.
  • Logic does not have room for contradiction, but the world is all about contradictions.
  • Speaking possibilities into the world.
  • Religious improvisation.
  • Most things exist because we have faith in them.
  • Substance comes from words.
  • Virtual Reality government from words.
  • The most prominent things in life are constructs of imagination.
  • Non-binary religion. We aren't dealing with conservative vs. progressive.
  • We are, like the Trinity, multiple things at once.
  • Are you a coat hanger?
  • You are a trinity.
  • "Jesus Christ is an excellent dinner party guest" - Sam
  • Jesus' Myers-Briggs – INFJ??
  • Jesus is into irony.
  • "Jesus is good at saying smart things in less than 160 characters" - Sam
  • Paul is Naïve.
  • Humans are contradictory, nuanced beings.
  • AI won't come about from logic, but from.
  • "The Bible is closer to being human than the most complex super computer that we have devised" - Sam
  • Libraries are a first draft at AI.

Ep 45: The Realities of Social Construction, with Sam from the Broken Book Bible Podcast
Micah Redding
2018-09-28 11:22:00