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Ep 40: Justin Lee—Gay, Geek & Christian


Justin Lee navigates being gay & Christian, talks about Paul, the Bible, and Christian ethics, and bridges the ultimate divide: geeks vs nerds!


Justin Lee is an American author, speaker, and LGBT Christian activist known for his focus on building bridges. He is the author of "Torn: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays-vs.-Christians Debate" and the director of a 2009 documentary, "Through My Eyes". He is the founder of the Gay Christian Network, and the current executive director of Nuance Ministries. His latest book is "Talking Across the Divide: How to Communicate with People You Disagree with and Maybe Even Change the World".


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Ep 40: Justin Lee—Gay, Geek & Christian
Micah Redding
2018-04-24 15:30:00