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Ep 39: Ilia Delio, Christ & Evolution


Ilia Delio explains how Jesus is like the Singularity, shows us why Christianity is the religion of evolution, and explores the thought of Teilhard de Chardin—the 1930s priest who foresaw the internet.


Ilia Delio is a member of the Franciscan Sisters of Washington, D.C.,
is the Josephine C. Connelly Endowed Chair in Theology at Villanova University, and the author of 17 books, including The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution, and the Power of Love.

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"Jesus is like a new Big Bang. Jesus is the Singularity." <-- Tweet this

"Christianity is the religion of evolution."

"Christians are not separate from the whole. Christians are to be the prime evolvers."

"Our humanness is the ability to grow out of suffering."

"The comparative power of religious creeds may be measured by their respective power of evolutive activation." — Teilhard

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Ep 39: Ilia Delio, Christ & Evolution
Micah Redding
2018-04-16 13:05:00