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Ep 32: Shannon Vyff, Cryonics & Religious Education


Is cryonics selfish? What do Harry Potter, transhumanism, and religious education have in common? What happens when kids go door-to-door raising money for life extension? Shannon Vyff—Transhumanist, Cryonicist, Unitarian Universalist, and author of “21st Century Kids“, and “The Scientific Conquest of Death”—discusses all these questions and more!

  • 21st Century Kids
  • Hyperdrives, nano-minting, accelerated brains with direct computer interfaces, conversations with dolphins, indefinite lifespan
  • Will AI have its own religions?
  • How to involve your kids in big discussions about the future
  • Kids raising money for life extension
  • Nick Bostrom’s fable of the Dragon Tyrant
  • The Scientific Conquest of Death
  • Essay, Confessions of a Proselytizing Immortalist
  • Discussing cryonics at your children's playgroup
  • Caloric Restriction
  • “The only thing that retards aging is calorie restriction. As genetic studies go forward, we’ll find out why.” — Roy Walford
  • Calorie Restriction & intermittent fasting
  • Cryonics & Common Questions
  • Is cryonics selfish?
  • In cryonics, are you taking up too much space?
  • Why Cryonics might be more green than a burial
  • How cryonics might help people who are living now
  • Cryonics is "an ongoing experiment—a very long one"
  • Kim Suozzi, the 23-year old neuroscience student who was in the midst of battling terminal brain cancer
  • How cryonicists rallied to help fulfill her wishes—and preserve her after death
  • What is natural? Is cryonics against God's will?
  • “the naturalness of transhumanism (being open to what we may become)”
  • How technology may reduce our environmental footprint
  • What does "natural" or "biblical" actually mean?
  • Can you be a Unitarian Universalist and a Transhumanist?
  • Harry Potter, time travel, religious education and transhumanism
  • Teaching the whole world of religion
  • The history of Unitarianism and Universalism in America
  • Shannon Vyff with Barbara Walters
  • Organizations:
  • Alcor
  • Longecity
  • SENS
  • La Leche League
  • Books:
  • 21st Century Kids
  • The Scientific Conquest of Death
  • Shannon Vyff on Facebook

Ep 32: Shannon Vyff, Cryonics & Religious Education
Micah Redding
2017-01-24 14:35:00