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Ep 16: Wilderness


Amy and Micah tackle the deep challenges of losing your faith community, questioning your own beliefs, and dealing with the difficult process of building a new world.

“In a nutshell, if the healing Jesus brings restores us to the state of the first Adam — for the ancient Christians, that’s not the real goal of salvation, that’s actually just the beginning. Salvation is not just a restoration of wholeness — Jesus restores us to wholeness so that we can flourish, so that we can actually begin to live life in God’s presence.

The difference in the ancient church is that it does not regard this healing as the end result, but only as providing the basic conditions so that we can begin freely to respond to God. And the whole of our lives is going to be one of growth and exploration and change and sanctification.

And in fact in the ancient church, even heaven was never thought of as the state of perfection that you’ll reach one day. Even heaven was just thought of as where you would get to grow even more dramatically. There will be this constant process of metamorphosis as you change from one degree of glory to another. “

Ep 16: Wilderness
Micah Redding
2016-02-02 19:06:00