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Explore Christianity and Transhumanism, diving deep into the relationship between religion, technology, and the future of the human race—with provocative guests from the leading edges of science and theology.

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Ep 1: What is Transhumanism?


In this first episode, Micah Redding and Amy Gaskin ask the question 'What is Transhumanism?', and then go on to explore the landscape at the intersection of Christianity and Transhumanist thought.

"Transhumanism is at heart altruistic. You are not working for your own account. It's not about salivating upon hearing of a new technological consumer gadget or even trying to achieve personal immortality. You work for all, for a future with more options, more freedom, more safety, less hunger, less poverty, less death. Ultimately it's about creating a world with more good and less bad in it." - Koen De Paus

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Ep 1: What is Transhumanism?
Micah Redding
2015-07-03 21:56:00