The Podcast of Unnecessary Abstraction(s)

An ascending rampage up the tower of abstraction(s). Obfuscation, paradox, and irony are the hallmarks of this pedantic exploration of intellectual pretension.

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Ep 10: The Episode of Unnecessary Intrusions


This episode doubles as a going away party, and a chance for a rival group of partiers to launch a mutiny and a podcast of their own. Will the whole thing capsize before reaching a meaningful resolution? Tune in to find out!

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  • You can’t prove a negative, but can you argue from silence?
  • David's twitter conversation
  • Tabula rasa
  • Crack babies and crack addicts
  • Greek theater, with its Greek choruses and all those deus ex machinas
  • In Nashville, everything’s a music venue
  • Bathroom walls, music, education, ancient relics
  • The CoC’s favorite fallacy: the argument from silence.
    • Some people argue for the argument from silence 1 2
    • And here’s someone arguing that rejecting the argument from silence is engaging in an argument from silence of your own 3
    • And here’s someone who blames the argument from silence on God himself 4
  • Henry Cavil & the Episode of Unnecessary Intrusions
  • There are known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns - Donald Rumsfeld
  • Dick Cheney doesn't have a heart
  • Is this podcast supposed to be funny?
  • Recorded voice, actual voice, internal voice
  • Seizure sneezes or Caesar Schneezes?
  • If there's anything we don't do on this show, it's name drop
  • Science attempts to falsify, not prove positives
  • Prank phone calls
  • Spin-off podcasts
    • The Necessary Distractions podcast
    • Unnecessary Intrusions
    • Necessary Extrusions
  • Cross pollination
  • No screaming
  • Art is about seeing
  • Experiments with a hand in a box. Phantom Hands. Phantom toes. Curing phantom hands.
  • Justin Timberlake puts some things in a box
  • The blog of unnecessary phallic symbols. Medical and medicinal phallic references.
  • Prosthetic sixth toe. Five finger shoes.
  • Foley
  • The coming shownote singularity
  • Transcription, transubstantiation, transfusion
  • Keep it publishable
  • The penultimate pendragon
  • A large thistle on the verge of exploding

Ep 10: The Episode of Unnecessary Intrusions
Micah Redding